Who we are?

Who we are?


Our associates

Annelore Vanderginst 

Annelore has a passion for people, connections and organisations. Her role at T&F is streamlining people, processes and procedures with the required goals of an organisation. She helps people and businesses with their change process and supports them to improve the business results by relying on their own power. 

Quote: “Every day offers new opportunities, seize them!”


Luc Verheyen

Luc has a passion for growth, the building of trust and the creation of solutions. His role at T&F is linking a future orientated vision and mission by outlining business values and a right strategic frame. This englobes the restructuring of a fincancial situation in order to augment and improve the added value.

Quote: “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going."


Jan Marynissen 

Jan loves travelling and moving towards new goals and opportunities. His goal is to be unique, have fun and creating commitment and results. At T&F he links and creates international partner relations and he's responsible for international business development. He's involved in the creation of a sustainable business by putting up the right focus and strategy.

Quote: “Your attitude defines your direction.”


Johan Page

Johan has the entrepreneurship in its DNA: listening to clients, looking for opportunities in the market and linking this to the strong points of the business to distinguish itself from its competitors. He uses his experience in management and knowledge to convert strategical choices in targeted actions and to mobilize the employees around the mutual business goals. By using his international experience, he encourages businesses to go international. His biggest challenge is guiding businesses through transformative processes.

Quote: “We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.”

Koen Daenen 

Koen has a broad experience in sales management and in the structuring of organizations. He likes to turn words into action, i.e. translate ideas into a strategy and develop from here an action plan. With his pragmatic approach he helps companies to convert their long-term vision into tangible results in the short term. The focus here is on return, with fun in the job as a major motivator. 

Quote: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” 

Fabrice Lobet

Fabrice has long worked in a Corporate Finance environment, while designing value enhancement strategies for medium sized organisations. After a Lean/6 Sigma certification, he further addressed process effectiveness and cost issues. Some years ago, Fabrice had the opportunity to take accountability for his recommendations and to pilot a transformation programme as an interim manager in a large software company. He then figured that management was principally about continuous change. At Tryggr & Flemming, his specialties consist of a 360° approach to business improvement.

Quote: “Let’s confront the brutal facts.”

Yves Bastiaens

Yves has a broad local and international experience in Sales & Marketing management. With his pragmatic and enthusiastic approach, he knows how to help an SME grow, improve and accelerate. He works in a result driven and action oriented way focussing on quick wins. He can assist on numerous commercial subjects: distribution / dealer strategy, organizational development of sales, integration/coaching of (sales)teams, sales and action plans, pricing policy, etc.  

Quote: “Only a (sales)team of people with different backgrounds and competencies will make sure that ”music“ can be made and that you grow your business.”

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