1-page strategy

1-page strategy

Based on the book written by Vic Wouters, Guy Vercauteren and Erik de Schutter

“We are living in hard but interesting times. The market circumstances change quickly and radically. The financial and economical crisis jeopardizes certainties. These are all challenges but also new chances for business managers with growth ambitions and an entrepreneurial spirit. 

To be able to react on time and in a proper way to new market opportunities, you need a well designed strategy plan. It forces you to choose your direction, to make deliberate strategic choices and to focus on the essence. It show wat is really important for your future and what isn't. It points all the noses in the right direction. It helps assigning precious time and means to the projects that can really make a difference and that can effectuate a breakthrough for the company.

A lot of Flemish entrepreneurs, especially SMEs, don't have an explicit strategy plan. 

Of course people think about the policy, but it often happens ad hoc and it limits itself to operational matters or short term challenges (an urgent problem or an unexpected opportunity), without any strategic framework of impact. It's all vague and non-binding. Strategical thinking, planning and working isn't a natural reflex for a lot of entrepreneurs yet. 

Nonetheless, developing and executing a strategical plan should be an elementary competence of each entrepreneur, just as good financial management and well considered human resources. Developing a strategical plan isn't a matter of talent. It's a competence that every entrepreneur can and should learn. It's a matter of ambition, dealing with and persisting."

“A leader has the right to be defeated, but not the right to be surprised." (Napoleon Bonaparte)

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