Internationalisation scan

Internationalisation scan

BOOST your export. With the Internationalization Scan, international succes lies right in front of you. 

What can T&F do for you? Based on our 25 years of experience, we can boost your international activities. We designed the Internationalization Scan by ourselves and we performed it succesfully more than 350 times. The Internationalization Scan is a reliable tool to answer the following questions: 

✔  Choice of Product: which of my products/services are suitable for export? Per product the reasons for exporting of not are indicated.

✔  Choice of Country: which countries are interesting for the export of my products? We offer you a summary matrix, where per country the level of interest for your products/services is indicated. As a result, you can establish priority markets. 

✔  Market Entry: how can I serve the foreign markets most efficiently? We offer you specific advice on how you can approach your foreign clients.We also design with you an ideal profile of your foreign partner(s). This profile is strongly supporting for the selection of a foreign partner. It also increases the effectiveness of the foreign partner network.

✔  Internal organization: is my organization ready for a further increase of export? We give u advice on the important areas of attention for you organization, in order to succesful accelerate your export. 

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