Since 2014 tili, the collaborative platform of CM Homecare stores, Ortho Cuyt, HMC and Escape, is working together with T&F on a possible ERP-implementation for the entire group. I am the contact person and the strategic project manager for this project.

From the beginning, T&F had made it clear to the group that we had to start from a mutual strategy before moving on to a mutual ERP package. Initially, this message was unacceptable for our group because every member is committed to its independence. Thanks to the persistence and the conviction of T&F, a mutual strategy and vision are now presented to the shareholders as indispensable. This reversal is the merit of T&F.

Generally, T&F offers quick understanding, both in situations and business cultures as in personalities. A lot of their predictions for the future have become reality. T&F is open for remarks, provides matters in a correct way and asks the necessary questions to keep the trajectory right on track.

If you company needs a strategic analysis or a redesign of your strategy, we recommand a collaboration with T&F.

Ellen Van Camp

Manager, tili

Veldeman Group

Veldeman Group has appealed to the services of T&F for its international expansion. More specifically, we were asked to map the possibilities for an introduction of our products on the Indian market.

T&F did a market research and gave advice for relevant markets for tents in India. They contacted potentially interesting parties and did recommandations for the following markets :

  • Industrial warehouses
  • Tourism
  • Sport
  • Rent of industrial spaces
  • Urban infrastructure
  • Interventions for disasters

The whole trajectory has been completed in time and clearly mapped. The collaboration ran in an open atmosphere and there were enough intermediate reportings concerning the progress of the research project.

Based on their advice, we dediced to launch a prospection office in PUNE.

Peter Droushoudt

Manager Finance, Administration & ICT, Veldeman





Since 2014, our company relies upon the services of Luc Verheyen and his T&F colleagues.


Analysis and screenings of some subdivisions have provided us a base that will help us making the right choices for the design of a stratagic plan on short notice. In doing so, T&F proposes some specific scripts that can lead to a ready-for-the-future business model.


Simultaneously, the administrative body was interviewed and became, thanks to workshops, a stronger team that is better prepared for the upcoming challenges.


The result could never have been possible without the structural approach of each specific case, de constructive talks and the future-orientated view on the predetermined problems. 


It's a pleasure to confirm the actual result and the progress on such a short notice. 


Therefore, we are convinced that a further collaboration with T&F is an added value for our organization with the following result: a long term vision where our structure is adapted to the needs of the next generation.

 Tony Klaasen 

Manager, Pluvera


DeeDee Plastics


We received the proposal to take part in an organization set-up, a method that was unknown to us at the time.

Our research question:

"Being able to offer clarity in the position of our employees and ourselves as management (2 sisters) in relation to the theme of preservation vs. growth."


Our company exists 25 years and is the second generation of a family business, with strong anchors in our values.

On the other hand, we act in a very innovative market with an innovative product.

The process of the set-up:

I was asked to place some participants of the workshop (unknowns) as staff members in the set-up, simply by explaining who they were and what function they had from the current operation.

This felt very exciting, because you suddenly make a kind of 3D drawing of your people in relation to a specific theme.

When everyone was set-up, the participants were allowed to indicate what they experienced from the place where they were placed with respect to the others, such as for example: 'I do not like it that I cannot see the management because someone is in between.'

Throughout this survey elements became clear and people were moved with respect to others until they had found themselves the right distance and place for themselves within the organization and this also applied to us, we also sought our place within this unity.

Oddly enough (or actually not at all) I could relate to it very well in reality, because for example I often gave that colleague less attention, at the expense of the person who was indeed in the middle of it.


This way of casuistry treatment gave us a number of insights that I could not have imagined of in any other way in advance.

1. Giving visibility was an important part to be developed within our organization, to give employees a better sense of equality.

2. With respect to conservation and growth, a good balance is necessary and we suddenly saw very 'visible preference islands' than we previously thought and would possibly slow our growth towards innovation. Both are necessary and can be respectfully exist side by side provided that it is recognized.

The above insights helped me and my sister to create more trust and balance in our beautiful organization.

Mind set:

An open mind and the willingness to get something else out of a case than you had previously thought are necessary to succeed.

But if you are looking for an honest incomprehensible answer to a key question, this method offers great insights.

As a visually oriented person, the approach was clearly to translate, and the emotion and feelings of people made it a very unique experience.


As from the start, in 2016, we were approached in a very professional and concrete way by Luc Verheyen and Jan Marynissen.

The quick scan and analyses of ourselves and all employees was perhaps somewhat confronting but above all very instructive. And that's what it's all about. Some underlying frustrations with some of our employees have been traced and eliminated thanks to T&F, led by Annelore Vanderginst. The approach was very professional and decisive and resulted in a better cooperation between our people from the administration. Now I notice that there is a much more open communication and that possible frustrations can and dare to be discussed. Summarized, I believe that the project at the level of the team was a revelation for our employees and myself as an entrepreneur. I can only welcome this and it will have a positive effect on the further growth of our company.

Regarding the strategic part, I also believe that the approach was refreshing and always instructive. Here also sometimes confronting, how the interpretation among our employees can clearly differ from the origin of the message as manager. But it is important that we learned from this and also improved our communication.

In its totality, I am very satisfied that I have made the decision to start this project and I am also very pleased that, after 2 previous failures with other parties and possible colleagues from T&F, we have come into contact with T&F. As an entrepreneur you are often a bit too closely involved with the company and you have generated a certain vision over the years. The structured approach and invitation to a "helicopter view" of T&F challenged me as an entrepreneur to look at a number of things from a different point of view and, where possible, adapt the way of working. Whereas until recently it was not completely clear where we would evolve as an organization over several years, thanks to the collaboration with T&F this process has been set in motion. This applies to me as an entrepreneur and many of my employees.

I am also convinced that as a company, thanks to this project together with T & F, we will be better prepared for the future.

The growth opportunities have been clearly identified and written down in a clear plan together with all possible consequences concerning production, logistics, marketing,....

The development of the appropriate structure that is ready for a growth path of several years and the associated investments is often one of the biggest challenges as an entrepreneur.

The clear strategic and advisory conversations with Luc Verheyen have certainly helped us to move forward.

Together we have created a brilliant game!!!!


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