Klaasen&Co nv

T&F has further supported us in this by helping to define a number of concrete scenarios, which today form the basis of our business model for the future.

At the same time, the management body was interviewed and workshops were held to form a closer team that is also better prepared for the challenges ahead.

The results achieved can undoubtedly be attributed to the structured approach of the individual cases, the constructive discussions and the solution-oriented approach to the proposed problems.

We are therefore pleased to see that in a short space of time, the current result achieved and the necessary progress has been made.

We are therefore convinced that further cooperation with T&F will bring added value to our organisation, the end result of which will be the development of a long-term vision, while at the same time adapting our structure to the needs and requirements of the next generation.

Tony Klaasen Group coordinator - strategic planner

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