International Business development

International Business development

In their first phase, businesses and organizations usually grow on the basis of their home market. Businesses who want to grow in Belgium are often forced to seek their growth across the borders. 

Furthermore, a strong growth of population and increasing available income are stimulating to get something back in other economies in countries such as Brazil, the US, Central and East Europe, Asia, East Africa and Turkey. 

It is your ambition to do more business on the international market? We support you with our experience and expertise. Thanks to our international networks and our footprints in more than 40 countires (see map below),T & F can also invoke local expertise and practical assistance.

At T & F, we are not traditional consultants; We are a practical and entrepreneurial partner. We support you through the whole process - from research and finding out the strategy, to implementation. We reduce the risks, accelerate projects and elevate the return on your investment. Together with her Dutch partner Business Boost International, T&F has launched a joint venture. This joint venture has access to a research capacity of around 20 international researchers to answer all your questions. 

Furthermore, 3 tools have been developed and are used by T&F. You can find them here:

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