unifying leadership

We offer you as a manager, manager in a 3-day workshop answers, new insights and skills with regard to the new leadership of today and tomorrow. So that you, as a manager, can develop a personal connecting leadership tailored to the needs and expectations of employees, (cooperation) partners and customers.

Themes such as offering safety, congruence, authenticity, setting boundaries, non-verbal behaviour, positive intentions and decisiveness will be addressed in this workshop.

Today they are needed more than ever to be able to bring your people, your customers, into your business story, to create support and to spread your story.

This 3-day workshop is an interactive event where we invite you to learn by stepping into the experience, by working with horses and the group.

Horses are a great added value in your search for new leadership. They are judicious, unconditional, highly sensitive and in their prey role they are forced to work from trust.

Together with you and 5 other colleagues, we will guide you in this 3-day course step by step to your renewed form of leadership. The result is always positive.

All this will take place in a pleasant, relaxing environment in Essen, on 11, 12 & 13 September 2019.

There is a possibility to stay the night in a B&B in the neighbourhood during this three-day event. So that you can get into this course without stress.

You can register until 5 September 2019, via contact us.

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