Operational excellence

Your organisation consists of various dimensions. Its products or services, its staff and culture, its network of sales channels, a production environment, a purchase, etc., are all part of your organisation. In addition, your organization is also characterized by a less visible aspect, namely the interaction between these different processes and the way in which the whole of these parts functions together. 

This concerns the efficiency of operational and administrative processes, the chain of responsibilities, the transfer of tasks, the transfer of materials, the use of the right resources at the right cost, useful and unnecessary information flows, waiting times, unnecessary complexity, superfluous or duplicate tasks, rework, etc.  So many aspects of which you are not always aware but which have substantial and real consequences on cost price, quality of the work and the motivation of the employees.

Treating and improving processes generally results in cost savings for your company of 15 to 20% on an annual basis! Even if you are a smaller organization.

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