International growth

International growth is not easy. You will have to develop your business in a different language, be aware of the difference in culture with new regulations, different administrative formalities, etc.

But how do you start?  Which countries need to be developed first? What does the market for our product look like? Are we going to sell ourselves or are we going to use a distributor? 

These are all questions to which you need to find an answer and which we are happy to help you with.


Together with you, we develop an international growth strategy and have a number of research facilities, which can help your company with thorough market research. This is a clear plan that includes determining which products or services are suitable for international growth, making an informed choice of countries, proposing a "go-to-market" plan and this country by country, helping to define partner criteria and finally working towards an action plan that can be implemented immediately.

PARTNERSEARCH (in case of indirect sales)

On the basis of an established partner profile, an overview of possible foreign partners is mapped out. The selected company profiles of potential distributors, dealers, agents, ... The selected company profiles are tested against the defined selection criteria and are assessed according to their interest in cooperation. This coordination is followed by an introduction to the field. 

CUSTOMERS IDENTIFICATION (in case of direct sales)

We create "hot export leads", i.e. a list of potential customers who meet defined selection criteria and have confirmed an initial interest in your product or service. A detailed company profile is drawn up for each "hot export lead" so that it can be approached by one of our local partners. 


If your organization is not yet fully developed to grow internationally, we are available to temporarily develop and implement a complete operational solution for your company. Our export professionals streamline and upgrade your export until it becomes feasible to hire an export manager or a local account manager.

In addition to our own export professionals, we also have an international network of experts in more than 50 countries who work in the same trusted way and deliver added value, locally in that specific market or sector.

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