Culture and organization


We rely on your company DNA so that you can develop and grow more successfully because: 

Your organizational culture fit with the challenges you want to take on.
Your company structure, consultation structures, communication and leadership style fit who you are.
There is support for change from commitment, right focus and recognition to achieve successful results.

What are the questions we get to hear?

  • How do I ensure that we as an organisation can change without losing our roots?
  • What makes that there is such great resistance to the change we want to make?
  • "The right man/woman in the right place " How do we do that?
  • How can we be competitive on the market without losing our self-esteem?
  • Which organizational structure fits our fast growing company without losing ourselves in a strong hierarchy?
  • Which structures ensure that we keep each other informed without falling into lengthy meetings?

Our approach is holistic in which we relate your strategic goals to your company culture, your functioning, your talents and the market. To this end, we use interactive sessions with a diversity of employees and/or stakeholders who are representative of your company. We translate these insights into concrete analyses and action plans that you help to shape and implement into visible and measurable results. We strongly believe in the "learning capacity" of a company and are fully committed to it.


As a customer, you want:

Understanding what typifies you as an organisation, the culture within the various departments, the values, the guiding principles so that levers for change and growth become clear. 

Investigate how the outside world perceives your organization in order to position you differently.

To see what dynamics exist, what requires energy and what has energy.

This interactive game is designed to support an inspiring strategic dialogue about organizational culture. Depending on the objective, concrete and detailed questions and answers are presented to reveal the constituent parts of the Current, Desired or Perpetual Culture. On this basis, conclusions can be drawn and plans made for possible adjustments. 

The levels we go through are DNA of the organisation, Daily behaviour: how do the inhabitants behave within the organisation, Overloaded behaviour: how do the inhabitants behave when there is tension in the organisation and/or within themselves. Perception of the outside world: how do outsiders experience the organisation?  


Working together within a team and if teams within the same organisation means, can and want to contribute to the common goal of both the organisation and the team. This requires fundamental building blocks. Together with you, we visualize these by means of interactive workshops in which we provide you with the necessary skills and tools to grow and learn. 

Team coaching focuses on the interaction of team members within the same team and in a safe environment team members are given the opportunity to gain insights into the dynamics of their own team and themselves. The strengths and challenges become visible. From there, we work with the team towards concrete actions and results based on trust and commitment.

What are questions that fit in with this?

  • You want to be self-directed and give your teams more responsibility and autonomy.
  • You want to work across departments within your organisation.
  • You want to remove conflicts and blockages.
  • You want to put a team (back) in its power.
  • You want to increase the performance of the team.


As a customer you want to:

  • Insight into your own personality profile, your strengths and points of attention for growth within your position.
  • Grow in your leadership style
  • Have a sounding board in difficult interpersonal or organisational issues
  • Strengthen your competencies
  • Have motivated and driven people contribute to the success of your organisation. The right man/woman in the right place is decisive and means giving people opportunities to grow. Individual coaching offers an answer to this question. Together with you, we will develop a learning path that fits within the philosophy of the organisation and your learning goals. Themes can be (situational) leadership, gaining insights into the diversity of people, communication skills, conflict management,... 


If we find that a larger group of people within the organisation does not have the necessary basic knowledge to shape a role successfully, we will work with short-term workshops in order to raise the organisation to a higher level at different levels at the same time.

Think of leadership, dealing with change, communication and feedback.

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