We "trigger" your organization in its growth ambitions.

Do you dare to opt for growth?

Tryggr & Flemming

In addition to expert advice, we are happy to roll up our sleeves and implement it together with you, shoulder to shoulder. We put our money where our mouth is. You can come to us with all your entrepreneurial questions. 

Because we go further than just advice, we constantly question the sustainability of thoughts, plans and results. We confront with a warm heart, identify the pain points and constructively search for sustainable and successful results.  

Our family, friends, colleagues and our company are what we live for. We want to inspire and give something that you as a customer can build on for generations to come. Our mission is to create substantial value, based on facts and this for all stakeholders of organizations, we connect people and results within business transformations. That's why we are in business!

Why choose Tryggr & Flemming?



Our expertise lies in the total supervision of your growth trajectory. Discover what we can do for you and which areas we control.


Working method

With passion and enthusiasm, we give challenging and guiding suggestions in an honest and ethical way, linked to the strategic goals.


Our team

A fresh and dynamic team of experts who, based on facts and connections, think along and work on your growth ambitions. Come and meet us!


Inspiration and tools

Want some food for thought and advice to get started?

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